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A Journey to the Botanic Gardens in Ballarat.

Ballarat Botanic Gardens

A Secret Treasure in a classic Regional Town

Ballarat is a regional Town in country Victoria amongst a region known as the Victorian Highlands.Many of us travel there briefly over the time we live here,but rarely unless we work or study or reside in the country do we get to find its hidden Treasures.This time,using some technological help and the tips of a few country mates,I got to find out that there certainly is still treasure to be had in the old Gold Town if you are ready to go out and find it;the old word was to fossick ..

To share with you one of those referred to Treasures I am going to show on here some photos of the Gardens and refer you to a few of its lesser known "finds"including the Greek and Roman Statues by various Italian artists presented to the Gardens by Thomas Stoddart and as well the cottage of Adam Lindsay Gordon,the famous Bush Poet.

As children we are always hearing the famous lines of our maverick bush poet, policeman, expert rider and adventurer,Adam Lindsay Gordon.Gordon, who for a time , apparently lived in Lydiard Street,Ballarat in a small cottage, was not only a popular poet but a man of many talents and abilities.His famous lines .. "Life is mostly froth and bubble, two things stand like stone, kindness in another's trouble , courage in your own".His cottage was taken and rebuilt in the Gardens.It is now a Craft Cottage.

The Adam Lindsay Gordon Cottage is appropriately placed in a setting that the scribe and poet may well have approved of himself amongst native Australian plants and trees not far from the midst of old Seqouias as well from America, planted in the 1870s or so.My one regret on visiting the gardens was that my late mother Ellen never to my knowledge visited there or realised it was there, as to many people in Melbourne we have not heard that the Gardens' house his cottage.She would have been very eager to see it had she known as she quoted me his poetry all my life.However,I am sure she would love to see me post on this area and share with those who appreciate Gardens like these as I already have with interested friends in Australia,UK,Germany and America who have already heard about these gardens and seen my photos of on other social media .Although there is a deal of tourist information on this area, it is a personal journey that I took here owing to my own interests, literary and on history.

Delightful craft works line the rooms of the poet's former abode which to me would be visually even more impressive if lit up at night.Indeed night tours of the area would hold a great deal of appeal to many of us who value the enchanting ambiance of the Gardens and their historic objects of art and culture as well.Apparently there are tours that can be arranged through the local friends of the Gardens group .The gardens are famous for their Begonias ,and there is a festival every year that features award winning blooms, but really are worth seeing for very many reasons , including the statues donated to them by the aforementioned Stoddart.In addition there is Lake Wendouree to visit , still as charming , as it may once have been when the Ballarat Artist community drew and painted there over a century back, as attested to by art kept in the Gallery in Lydiard Street from last century.My personal recommendation is to visit the Art Gallery of Ballarat in Lydiard Street first where you will view a very handsome collection of Australian and some European artists, including Norman Lindsay first, then attend the Gardens as well.To immerse yourself in the history of the region can be of great enjoyment and you can also invest in your general health by walking around the Gardens as well as envisaging the way things may have been in the early settlement period.

The statues the garden are placed in various settings by themselves to emphasize their meaning, and amongst them you can find the Goddess of the plants,Flora or the messenger of the Gods,Hermes.History tells us that there was a prestigious ceremony to welcome in the latter statue to the Garden in the late 1884.Seeing them presented in a respectful and tasteful setting in the Gardens to me sets the tone of that time in history when those who were fortunate enough to travel saw the original works in Europe but those who were not, at least could still view them in the Gardens and learn something of another culture and its ancient myths.The collection is apparently over 126 years old and is modelled from marble found at Carrera in Tuscany in Italy from the foot of the Apuan Alps.We are also told that the artist's intention was that young people would have a chance to learn to love these works of art and the culture they brought with them.

Ballarat and its ' surrounding Towns are home to many of our most famous artists and writers including the Lindsay family of Creswick.The family produced from 10 children of a Scottish migrant , educated at Trinity College Dublin, 5 leaders in Australian art culture including the Director of the National Gallery, Daryl Lindsay.He , Daryl was as well the husband of the" Picnic at Hanging Rock "author, Joan Lindsay.Artist Norman Lindsay whose life was dramatized in "Sirens" a motion picture based on his life  as well , has quite a lot of his work displayed at the Ballarat Gallery as well.

Pictures taken in Ballarat Botannical Gardens

The Gardens are quite unique in their design and lay out and with the European  scupltures that are very prominent, evoke to mind both for the tourist, the migrant and those born here a timeless aspect of Victorian culture from that time.Myth and reality blended for the settlers of earlier Victoria who were anxious to keep their heritage, while dealing with the harsh reality of the Australian bush and who came to Ballarat as miners to find gold or set up shop or trade.Joan Lindsay herself, the daughter of a Barrister, was educated in Victoria and drawn all her life to the timeless myth of the legends of old Greece and Rome.She is said in to have been something of a time travel believer who was influenced by HG Wells "Time Machine".Her fascination with those concepts, still quite relevant to our own more scientific period,led to the writing of the Picnic at Hanging Rock, which is widely regarded as one of the most important of Australian Novels

Walking through the Gardens on an unusually warm Autumn Day, I reflected that any of us can well imagine why Joan became so interested in more metaphysical concepts, as to most of us who live and have visited the Australian Bush, it is rare to find any who are not impressed with the sense of the timeless qualities one experiences just sighting the expanses of land and nature that have become a heritage to those who reside there if they are able to see them and experience their effects.

The Botannical Gardens are well worth the visit , and if you go, do not forget it still has an antique tram service , that you can get on to travel down its borders.It is truly a real hidden treasure of Ballarat!